Hino 500 FM-Prime Mover

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HINO 500 FM- 26 Tonne GVW

Unique Selling Propositions:

1.Powerful engine

  • Equipped with a high pressure common rail fuel injection system and turbo-intercooled technology to achieve lower emissions and uncompromised power and fuel efficiency.
  1. Stress free transportation

Robust chassis that allows for heavy cargo transport

  1. Enhanced Safety
  • Anti-lock braking system-Maximise driver control during emergency braking across all road surface conditions
  1. Enhanced Comfort
  • Air conditioner- Keeps the driver cool and alert by improving the cabin comfort. Includes radio and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multi-functional display shows independent trip distances, current and average fuel consumption

Key Features:

  • Japanese technology
  • Drive: 9 speed
  • Configuration: 6×4
  • Engine displacement: 10520 CC
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 390 liters
  • Turbo charged and intercooler engine