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Toyota Genuine Motor Oils (TGMO)

You can prolong the life of your Toyota and increase its performance by insisting on Toyota Genuine Motor Oil – the lifeblood of your engine – at your next service. Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is customized according to your model and formulated to the highest standards and specifications to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.

Lexus Genuine Motor Oils (LGMO)

Lexus Genuine Motor Oils (LGMO) provide advanced protection that can help to extend engine life by using refined oil as compared with standard oil products.


Engineering is at the heart everything we do and we believe that oil is the lifeblood of products. The Iconic YamaLube offers unmatched commitment for quality and performance to your motorcycle’s engine. We want every journey you make to be billed with excitement and satisfaction. YamaLube is the only oil ‘built around’ the unique demands, operating characteristics and applications of not only Yamaha engines but all power sport engines. Our lubricants help you get the best experience from your Yamaha.

YamaLube Benefits

  • Long engine life
  • Less engine deposit
  • Maintains clean engine
  • Lubricates both engine and clutch
  • Suitable for all motorcycle brands