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DENSO Corporation is a global automotive components manufacturer headquartered in the city of Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Denso is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) brand part of Toyota Motor Corporations.

Quality, Reliability and Value. DENSO have taken everything they have learned as an OE manufacturer and applied it to the aftermarket product lines. Every component that leaves its factories have been designed with precision, manufactured to OE standards and subjected to rigorous safety and performance tests.

DENSO First Time Fit® products — including A/C compressors, starters, alternators, oxygen sensors, ignition wire sets, fuel pumps, cabin air, oil and air filters, wiper blades and more — are products built and tested to OE-standard offered for the aftermarket by DENSO. Each of these products is precision-built for exact replacement so you don’t have to worry about doing the same job twice.

Product lines include (but not limited to);

1. Oil Filters
2. Air Filters
3. Cabin Air Filters
4. Spark plugs
a) Normal Mileage of about 10,000 KM
b) Iridium Tough Mileage upwards of 40,000 KM
5. Wiper blades