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Valeo which means ‘I am well’ in Latin is a global automotive supplier operating in 33 countries to design innovative technologies and systems that will make the future car more intuitive, autonomous, connected and environmentally friendly.

Product Specialization (but not limited to):

• Air conditioning
• Braking Systems
• Driving and parking assistance
• Electrical Accessories
• Electrical Systems
• Engine Filtration
• Engine Management Systems
• Cooling & Air Management
• Security Systems
• Lighting Systems
• Transmission Systems
• Switches and Detection Systems
• Wiping Systems
• Garage Equipment

Wiping Systems

Valeo is one of the leading wiper systems original equipment manufacturer that brings to the aftermarket a complete range of wiper blades and wiper motors.

Valeo supplies wipers to both the Independent aftermarket and the O.E. market. Valeo maintains its lead through style and innovative technologies, originating from O.E. technology.

Valeo closely collaborates with vehicle manufacturers on future wiping technologies, some being aerodynamic, noiseless and blending flawlessly with the vehicle’s styling.

Transmissions Systems and Starters

Valeo is the OE manufacturer for Mercedes Benz Starters and Clutches, we currently stock

1. Mercedes Benz heavy commercial starters: MP3 and MP4
2. Single clutch Kit short release bearing
3. New MP4 Automatic clutch set Kit