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Revolutionising an icon

The modern MT story began almost a decade ago, when Yamaha’s top designers set out to create one of the most significant new models in the history of the Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. This was to be no ordinary motorcycle. The brief was to build a radical new machine, with a big torque engine and a highly agile chassis. A machine that would be like no other. And the rest is history.

By defying convention and taking inspiration from Japan’s unique biking subculture, Yamaha succeeded in making a new kind of motorcycle. Inspired by the Dark Side of Japan, the first MT-09 that was so different that it didn’t t into any existing category. So, the company created a new Hyper Naked class, which has already won the hearts of over 250,000 riders throughout Europe.

With a focus on fun, excitement and emotion – combined with a commitment to giving the rider the best engine and chassis package as well as the most dynamic styling and class-leading rider aids – all of this at a competitive price – the premium specification MT-09 takes the Hyper Naked concept to a whole new level.